Avocado Oil

Why cook with Kanté Avocado Oil?

Kanté Avocado Oil is 100% natural, versatile in use and exquisite in taste. It is also a very healthy alternative that offers:
• No cholesterol or trans fatty acids due its vegetal origin
• Vitamin A and Vitamin E
• Omega-3 fatty acids that promote healthy cells, decrease stroke and heart attack risk
• Omega-6 fatty acids that provides energy for the heart
• Omega-9 fatty acids that lowers the risk of arteriosclerosis and aids in cancer prevention
• High ratio of mono-saturated fats that help absorbing antioxidants more effectively
• Extremely low ratio of saturated fats
• High smoke point of 271°C

How can the properties of avocado fruit be kept in the oil? What does cold-pressed mean?

Kanté Avocado Oil keeps the properties of the avocado fruit by being processed and extracted at low temperatures to retain the many natural healthy constituents of the fruit such as anti-oxidants. This means that Kanté Avocado Oil is cold-pressed. Low-heat can avoid degrading oil's flavor and nutritional quality which yields high-quality Kanté Avocado Oil.

How can I use Kanté Avocado Oil in cooking?

Kanté Avocado Oil is perfect for sautening, frying and baking. It is also excellent for marinating and preparing salads dressings. Feel free to be creative, for ideas check out our Recipes section!

Kanté Avocado Oil has a high smoke point, what does it mean?

When heating oil at high temperatures (for example frying), it starts to smoke. It is because heat breaks down oil's fat producing smoke, an unpleasant smell and flavor. The lower the smoke point, the faster the oil smokes.
Kanté Avocado Oil has a high smoke point of 271°C, which means it allows at higher temperatures cooking without creating lot of smoke, keeping your dishes delicious and healthy!

Agave Syrup

What is glycemic index? Why is Kanté Agave Syrups suitable for diabetics?

Glycemic Index ranks every food according to how much it affects glucose levels. If it raises glucose levels significantly, it is ranked as having a high glycemic index. Kanté Agave Syrups have a low glycemic index of 21 + - 4. Food with lower glycemic index, such as Kanté Agave Syrups, are highly recommended to diabetics because their intake does not raise the blood sugar levels drastically as compared with glucose.

Why is Kanté Agave Syrups great sweeteners?

Kanté Agave Syrups are 100% natural, certified organic and do not contain allergens.

What is the difference between Amber and Dark Agave Syrup?

Kanté Amber agave Syrup is more neutral in taste while Kanté Dark agave Syrup offer more caramel notes.

What is Agave?

Agave is a large, spiky plant that resemble cactus in form and habitat but they are not related. Agaves come in many sizes and colors — well over 100 species. Due to the Blue Agave's high carbohydrate content (which results in a high percentage of fructose in the final nectar), Blue Agave is the source of Kanté Agave Syrups and also the preferred species for producing syrup.

Gourmet Spicy Sauce

How spicy is it?

One of the ingredients is Agave Syrup, wich is sweet and helps lower the hotness of the sauce. It's a sauce designed for palates that don't stand too much hotness in their sauce.

What can you use it with?

You can use it with any type of meat, fish, eggs, chicken, or seafood.

Blossom Honey

How are the different blossoms of honey created?

Kanté Blossom Honeys come from the nectar of each blossom (orange, avocado, mesquite and wild sunflower). Beehives are placed and kept separately among the respective blossom trees during the blooming period of their flowers to create the unique Kanté Blossom Honeys.

Does Kanté Mexican Honey Butter contains butter?

Kanté Mexican Honey Butter is wild sunflower blossom honey that is crystallized naturally. This yields small granules which gives the honey the unique consistency of whipped butter and therefore it is called Kanté Mexican Honey Butter. It does NOT contain any butter.

Does Kanté Avocado Blossom Honey contains avocado?

Kanté Avocado Blossom Honey does not contain any avocado fruit. The honey comes from the flower of the avocado tree.

What are the benefits of Kanté Blossom Honey?

• Throughout history, it is known that honey is excellent for:
• Easing coughs and colds
• Healing of wounds
• Boosting energy levels
• Healing sore throat
• Accelerating the healing of burns